The Sweet Spot…

Our region

Our region is blessed with some of Australia’s best climatic conditions for growing premium fruit. Our farm’s altitude of 930 metres above sea level means days are warm and nights are cool. Ours is the only region in Queensland that can produce strawberries and apples at this time. Our long summer daylight hours turn the starch in fruit into natural sugars, resulting in irresistibly sweet strawberries and juicy apples. That’s why Granite Belt-grown apples are considered the best flavoured apples in Australia.

Our location

Our geographic location is also an advantage. The Granite Belt is the closest summer-producing region to North Queensland. We can pick fruit one day for delivery to the northern half of our state, that’s three to four days faster than our strawberry growing friends in southern Australia. We’re also less than three hours’ drive from Brisbane. Perfect for same-day delivery!

Sustainable farming

Water is an ongoing challenge for all producers in our region and we’ve learnt to harvest this precious resource well and use it wisely throughout our farm.

Step inside our modern packing shed and you’ll find two separate packing lines, set up especially for packing strawberries and apples. We’re committed to safe food practices, so all fruit passes through a metal detector before it leaves our farm as part of our Quality Assurance process. Our 12 cold rooms have the capacity to store 4,500 bins of apples at a time.


We produce five varieties of well-loved Aussie red and green apples known for being crispy, healthy and delicious fruit bowl and lunch box favourites – Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Fuji . Our apple trees span 72 hectares and we also produce two hectares of Packham, Williams and Bernie Bosc pears. And because we’re always thinking ahead, we have some trial plots of blackberries growing too!


Sweet fresh strawberries are our main line with three delicious Aussie varieties produced over 60 hectares. We grow 23 hectares of polycarbonate tunnels with all the strawberries grown under them in substrate production. This results in blemish-free, perfect fruit packed with flavour and goodness.

Half of our polycarbonate tunnel strawberries are grown via the substrate production method with plants nestled in coir and set up on benches for easy nurturing and picking. Concentrated substrate production results in more plants per square metre and uses less water and chemicals. In recent years, we’ve embraced substrate production as the next-generation of strawberry growing. It’s our plan to have 100 per cent of strawberries growing in this way by 2025.

Pick your own

We love our strawberries and apples so much, we’d love you to visit our farm for “pick your own” events throughout the season. Nothing in the world tastes as good as fruit you’ve picked yourself!